Party Lines and End Times

I wish I would have marked on the calendar with a big X the mornings in 2021 when I woke up to a new Bitcoin all time high but I didn’t.  Anyway, today’s another.  

I’m in this situation, and I think a lot of others are too, where I’m keeping so little in my regular checking account and otherwise all of it in crypto — because leaving gainz on the table in a time like this is unconscionable — that I feel sort of poor-rich at the same time?  Like, oh shit, is this transaction at the grocery store gonna go through?  I mean, I can liquidate in any amount, in a couple minutes — that’s the magical thing that I’m not sure everyone understands — it’s like turning a faucet on and off to a reservoir that replenishes itself overnight while you sleep.  And if I’d gotten more money in there initially, it would really-really be like that, but even with the amount I have it’s sort of like that.  

And it’s so fucking secure, because it’s the blockchain, that I feel zero anxiety about blogging observation, which would not be the case if I were discussing purely fiat.

Verdict: I love this new form of money.  I can’t wait for it to be the normal way of doing things.  It’s the money version of going from a shitty old PC to a brand new Mac Airbook.      

I’m seeing the environmental impact discussion ramp up, as well it should.  I don’t know about you, but I have never been so receptive as I am now to liberals telling me how to run my life.  Please — share your wisdom with me, as you soak up 4,000 more gallons of water per day than I do, just by walking around and enthusing about bacon.  What is the deal with liberals and bacon???  

Phew.  I’ve needed to get that off my chest for a while.  

Anyway, that’s the other thing I’m seeing: conservatives and liberals squaring off on the issue of meat, divided along predictable lines (remember when the CHAZ declared autonomy in Seattle and then demanded vegan meats be delivered to them?), amplified by Bill Gates repping synthetic beef.  I’m sad to see people whose values and intelligence I otherwise agree with — ie, Constitutional Patriot types — being so hoodwinked by the meat narrative.  I mean, I’m obviously used to it, as well — it’s been this way for all 44 years I’ve been alive, why would anyone blink and refocus their gaze on the construct now.  In fact, the division of conservatives and liberals on the issue of meat, although it’s been a back burner topic for sure, is in large part what had me thinking I was a liberal!  That, and the fact that I think it’s bizarre for anyone to object to a gay lifestyle, a bisexual lifestyle, or the decision to transition genders.  

More on that later — the point being, maybe all that means I’m not actually conservative.  I don’t really know what I am, but I know I’d consider anyone full on retarded who consciously chooses ‘sides’ to be on, based on self-concept and not on the evidence and issues at hand — IE, based on internal core values. I mean, if we’re not navigating the world based on a good faith rendering of what feels like our core values, we’re blowing it.  If we honor our values, and that puts us in the camp with deplorables of whatever ilk, alright.  The only thing that’s really deplorable is bandwagoning your way through life, good lord.  Especially now.  It’s like, reality is not asking, it’s demanding that we live our values right now.  This is not a cruise-control time in history; we’re going through the eye of the needle, you guys.  

All the “issues” are intermingled and I get that everyone’s feeling like they gotta close ranks with their people who share common ground on whatever’s being identified as the closest alligator to the boat.  And just to be clear, I consider the closest alligator to the boat, right now, to be our country and its principle of individual freedom and god-given, government-protected rights to be that alligator.  So that’s why I’m registering as increasingly ‘conservative’ on paper and to some extent in my own mind.  But what I don’t have is that, backwards.  The conservatives have blown it on some really important shit in the past, and they’re blowing on some really important shit right now.  The question is, which alligator we talkin about.  If it’s the one three alligators away from the boat, then let’s handle this big one first, right?  

And I’m using the terms ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ in full view of their deteriorating applicability, but I gotta start somewhere.  So don’t baby-bathwater me for that.  

The liberals view the environment and climate change as the closest alligator, except they’re so hampered by a focus on top-down policy rather than individual responsibility that they don’t even see they’re blowing it on the level of plant-based diet, which, if collectively adopted or even swerved towards, would do more to tilt the scales than literally any other thing.  Which is why I always go back to my standby stance with environmentalists: go vegan or shut up.  And you know, it’s funny — they never do.  Like, there’s this one uber-lib that Nick knows from Flagstaff, and I think they honestly have fun flaming each other, and she’s always on about his toxic masculinity and MAGA stance etc, crying environmental foul as a familiar refrain.  And Nick — my fucking massive, bodybuilder, 530-pound-deadlifting boo bear — is always like, Hey, why don’t you go vegan if you’re so upset about it.  And she’s like, I’m choosing not to have children as my way of protecting the environment.  And he’s like…I’m not sure a whole lot of people are lined up to, like, procreate with you…?…so is that really the personal sacrifice you’re making it out to be…?  

Every time they interact, it’s just so funny I can’t even handle it.  

ANYWAY where was I.  Okay, so it’s primarily liberals tilting the scales towards veg and vegan — like, the health food store we go to, here, to get our fake meat and fake cheese has signs posted everywhere about how you’re selfish and literally killing people if you don’t wear a mask (only one mask, so they’re the selfish homicidal ones now that it’s 2-3 masks, amiright), and please don’t shop there if you support Trump.  We tried not to shop there, because we support Trump, but it’s an island.  There’s only so many places to get the delicious Beyond Meat breakfast sausages.  So I, at least, have contented myself to simply antagonizing them when I go there, which is shockingly easy to do.  This one cashier gets really bent out of shape if I ask whether or not I need to wash my produce, and literally claps his hands at me to punctuate that I do need to wash my produce, so I make a point of asking every single time.  He sighs and pushes his glasses up his nose with max drama.  We have fun.  

Anyway, what I’m saying is, if you meet a vegan it’s likely they’re left-leaning, but if you meet someone left-leaning, it’s not likely they’re vegan, if that makes sense.  Plant-based is gaining traction big-time, every year, but we’re still an incredibly small minority of the country.  

The thing that everyone’s missing is that going plant-based is about the most Libertarian thing you can do, because if you eat meat and dairy, you’re essentially on welfare, due to the heavy government subsidization of those industries, on behalf of their Big Agra donors, obviously.  And it’s the most truly progressive thing you can do, too, because the number of birds we could kill with that one stone — environment, water, the medical/insurance racket, the prevalence of chronic disease in particularly minority (ie heavily meat-based) populations, which leads us straight to COVID susceptibility among many other things.  It could all be meaningfully addressed through plant-based diet.  

So there are those observations.  Bill Gates can go fuck himself, though.  Synthetic beef, my god.  We don’t need synthetic beef.  We don’t need synthetic anything, and I for one am not signing up to consume anything that the orchestrator of the depopulation agenda is recommending.  Our thinking about food is so broken, thanks in large part to the Medical-Agra good ole’ boys club, that we actually think we can’t survive and thrive on rice, beans, and salad.  We’ve been convinced that we have to have some real special shit to get enough nutrition, and it’s the exact opposite.  We need less special shit and more simple produce to get enough nutrition.  It’s tough to convince people of that when even their first memories of the fucking ‘food pyramid’ in grade school, which was actually the unforgivable infiltration of a blatant Big Agra marketing tool into our totally broken, totally stupid education system, have convinced them that you can’t live on rice and beans.  When actually you’d be the picture of health on rice and beans, and maybe even get your deadlift up to 530, like a certain Mr. Sexy Boyfriend person did.  Whatever.  

Okay, so in that context, I’m just gonna walk through ‘the issues’ — the various alligators surrounding the boat — the way I see them.  We might as well start with LGBTQ-fucking-alphabet soup.  Your head is all the way up your ass if you think that interfering with the decisions and self-constructs of legal adults is a way to be.  Every adult gets their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, provided it doesn’t interfere with any other adult’s life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness, and it’s insane and dangerous and wholly undesirable to drift from that tenet, for any reason.  There will always be plenty of people who want to be heterosexual and reproduce, and even if there weren’t and the population began to decline, that would also be fine.  If we tried to ‘fix’ that we’d probably just end up with some Handmaid’s Tale bullshit so no thanks.  

Trans people being “against God” or whatever ish.  You’re not God, so shut up.  You don’t know what God wants.  Probably God wants that person to come here and fully value-express as best they can, and God wants the same thing from you, so why don’t you stay in your lane.  Cosmetic surgery and hormone therapy are medical services that are available, at a cost, to consenting legal adults.  Some people use cosmetic surgery and hormone therapy to look like a better version of their biological gender.  Some people use cosmetic surgery and hormone therapy to look like a better version of the opposite gender.  (Yes, I said ‘opposite’, because functionally there are two.)  Legal adults in the historically freest country on earth can do whatever they want with their bodies and their genders and their hormones and their partners and their panties and it’s called ‘freedom’.  And our Constitution guaranteed we all have that, and our government would protect it.  

Should our government require privately owned businesses to hire x percentage of y-leaning people?  No.  Because that’s a rabbit hole, an endless descent into madness, with no bottom.  I could tattoo my whole face and then demand the government force businesses to hire me as their receptionist when it’s not in the business’s best interest to have a receptionist with a full facial tattoo, and I could cry foul, and make it a whole big deal.  I know this sounds like a shocking thing I’m saying right here, but look: once the “identifying-as” train leaves the station, where does it stop?  The answer is, it will never stop, as long as there continue to be incentives to “identify” in regards to an ever-growing list of state-protected minutiae.  

Could there be problems with discrimination if we don’t protect and advance the interests of certain classes of people?  YES.  There could be, there are, there probably always will be.  It’s a problem.  It’s just not as big of a problem as the alternative.  I’ve gotten jobs and earned the same money as my coworkers where I look, and act, and “identify” NOTHING LIKE what the employer was looking for or expecting, because I’ve made it a point to develop an excellent, marketable skill set, and I can prove it.  I’ve never gotten a commercial driving job that didn’t have a road test as a condition for employment, and road tests don’t lie.  

One more point here: our thinking about employment and commerce and the economy tends to assume a tyrannical hierarchy when in fact it’s most often a hierarchy of competence.  Yes, I got that from Jordan Peterson, and I’m repeating it because I think he’s right.  Develop a marketable skill and then market your skill. Don’t look right for that club?  Win hearts and minds.  Fucking make it happen.  And if you’re worried about employment, maybe don’t wear a strap on dildo to the interview; maybe don’t tattoo your whole face.  Maybe don’t talk in a faggy lisp with a vocal fry and demand that Cardi B’s WAP is a more important cultural contribution than the Bible, when you first meet people.  Maybe just wear nice clean clothes and have a haircut, with a normal color and a neat, groomed appearance.  Or don’t!  Don’t have a neat, groomed appearance, and then experience the inevitable consequences of your appearance.  Nobody owes you shit.  There’s probably some biker bar somewhere, hiring for a weird looking bartender.  I was a bartender at a biker bar.  It’s great work, good money.  It’s called freedom — your freedom to look and be and live however you want, if it’s not hurting anyone, and their freedom to hire whoever they want.  Everything’s shifting to a personal platform, intellectual economy anyway.  

I will add a caveat, though: I absolutely do believe the system has been rigged, the market has been rigged, finance has been rigged, debt has been rigged, taxes have been rigged, the very dollars that we earn and spend have been rigged against us.  Not just us, the black people, or us, the alphabet soup people, or us, the women.  US.  Everyone who’s not a puppet master, which is like all of us except a small roomful of people on the whole earth.  WHICH IS WHY BITCOIN.  

So, in some meaningful ways, I guess I’m like, you people over here: go vegan or shut up.  And you other people over there: go crypto or shut up.  And to a lot of people in between: get a marketable trade or shut up.  Stop trying to make everyone else change what they’re doing, just do the most powerful, logical thing to advance your own interests and express your own values.  The world needs your example, not your opinion.            

Trans men competing in sports against biological men: have fun getting trounced.  Trans women competing in sports against biological women: no.  Just fucking no, that’s obviously wrong and harmful to cis-women.  Ben Shapiro advanced the best solution, actually, in my mind: any XX is allowed to compete against other XX’s or XY’s.  Have at it.  XY’s are only allowed to compete against other XY’s.  It doesn’t matter who identifies as what; let’s just break it down by chromosomes because that’s the fairest thing.  And these trans women athletes, hulking enormously on podiums and beaming with their ill-gotten gold medals and such?  You’re horrible.  You’re a horrible fucking person and you know it.  There shouldn’t have to be a law for you to just know you’re a piece of shit, when you’ve got eight inches and 60 pounds on every other XX athlete on the field, because your cells were steeped in a bath of the ultimate performance enhancing drug, testosterone, ever since you were a fetus.  I don’t understand how this has become a charged issue, it seems really straightforward to me.

Okay, now the tricky part: gender identity and sexual preference in adolescence, the nuclear family, vaccination, and abortion.  I feel the same basic way about the sanctity of the nuclear family as I do about the sanctity of privately owned business, which is one of the things that makes me pull hard conservative.  As a dog-mom, no one is currently interfering with my parenting style; but if I had children, I would pretty much freak out if there was a lot of interference, on the medical or government level, on how I raised my kids.  

The fact that I’m able to be an older and wiser person and look at these things on the abstract, and form opinions that are right for me, is largely due to the fact that I’m not a knocked-up teenager or struggling single mom, because….birth control!  I have a reliable form of birth control and it’s called an IUD — not serial abortions.  For me, abortion doesn’t even need to be a politicized issue, just like eating dead animals doesn’t need to be a politicized issue.  Why would I kill animals when I can eat plants?  Why would I kill fetuses when I can get an IUD for five hundred bucks that lasts twelve years?  Why would I kill anything at all, if it can be avoided?  Why has the entire birth control debate been framed as full term abortion or else Handmaid’s Tale?  Why has the entire plant-based diet debate been framed as Bill fucking Gates repping synthetic beef?  Why do we let the worst among us frame our thinking and define our options?  I don’t know, I’m just a blogger.

The second-most tricky thing: vaccinations.  This is where individual autonomy versus societal well-being really clash.  A whole bunch of people who accepted vaccinations and the idea of carte blanche mandatory vaccinations as common sense have woken up, this last year.  It all comes down to this: will I sign a blank check for a trusted family member who I know has my best interests in mind?  Yes.  Will I sign a blank check for a total stranger?  No.  (Also they’ll find I only have like $326 in my account because the rest is in crypto.)  We sign blank checks with our bodies every time we accept vaccinations, and rightly or wrongly, we have largely trusted those authorities mandating vaccinations.  

I no longer trust those authorities, because I’m not insane, and I really care about my body and my health.  I don’t care what that means and I don’t care how it looks or what anyone thinks about it.  So if I had children, and I didn’t trust those authorities, as I don’t, my kids would be homeschooled or landlocked or travel banned or whatever needed to happen, because there’s no way in hell I would guinea pig them out when I don’t trust the issuing authority.  

I’d love to get to a place where I consider medical authorities allies to my health and my family’s health, but in the meantime, I care a lot more about waking up every day with my body working, than I do about the rhetorical or societal impact of me being stubborn.  Apparently half the healthcare workers in the nation, roughly, have refused or delayed receipt of the COVID vaccine, so I’m not just whistling dixie on my own little crazy train over here.  I’m not going to be bulldozed on something so intimately and intrinsically intertwined with my wellbeing.

Sometimes you can’t solve the whole forest fire but you can clear the brush around your own little cabin, and that’s all I can say on that.  

Now, the first-most tricky issue: transgender before legal adulthood, with adolescence representing a sort of “hardening” of our biological genders.  We’re all a bit androgynous as children.  There’ve been pushes to insert trans advocates into the nuclear family, in some cases not informing or securing consent of parents as to their children’s gender wishes.  

That is some muddy, muddy water, y’all.  

Now, the typical conservative bias here is that erosion of gender destabilizes the whole society and yada yada.  

Maybe surprisingly, I consider the human impulse to express biological gender to be hale, hearty, and not at all vulnerable.  No one had to “sell” me on the idea of being female — I was just into it.  Pretty pink dresses, stuffed animals, shiny things, mud pies, the whole nine yards.  I love being a female and I’ve always loved being a female.  Most people I know enjoy, in a basic sense, being the gender that they are, and wouldn’t switch for all the money in the world.  

Trans people are interpreted as being flippant, but it’s actually really hard, expensive, awkward, and tedious to physically and legally change genders.  It’s not a small undertaking.  

Here’s my issue: trans people aren’t the ones eroding gender; we have hetero-normative society to thank for that.  Honestly, the way/s we’re conceptualizing males and females right now are so unhealthy and so unhinged that I’m not at all surprised trans people want out.  I don’t think we can look at any of this clearly without first acknowledging that we’ve made it not okay to be normally male; also not okay to be normally female; and therefore not okay to be the one thing that all of us are, which is biologically gendered, in the first place.  

I mean, look at Jordan Peterson.  That motherfucker’s just out there saying, basically, “Males are valuable people who deserve our appreciation and support,” and the whole world is just FLAMING that guy.  Nick and I had regaled my brother with the infamous Cathy Newman interview, just for fun, last week, because he hadn’t seen it and he wanted to better understand the limitless cornucopia of high octane memes that were launched by that one single interview.  Ah…that is some good shit.  

Then, last night, Nick and I noticed on YouTube another, subsequent interrogation of Jordan Peterson by a feminist, and we watched that.  She was much smarter than Cathy Newman — not a high bar — but still, she came to that interview for two reasons: to chew gum, and get offended.  And she was all out of gum.  

After, we marveled.  I mean, I would think — I would THINK — that, if I were a feminist AND an interviewer (I’m currently neither), I could function in both of those roles with some grace.  I grew up watching Larry King interview people, and frankly it’s an art form I’ve always valued.  It takes a lot more to interview someone than just posing gotcha questions.  In my mind, it’s certainly not desirable to presume in advance that ideological Mortal Kombat is the goal.  

I guess what irks me is that these people are under the impression that getting offended is some sort of superpower?  Whereas, in my mind, ideas and ideologies swirl around and intermingle, all the time, and we find ourselves allied with some and antagonistic towards others, in an evolving way, but we can’t defeat ideas by defeating individual people.  Ideas can only be defeated by better ideas.  Jordan Peterson’s series of feminist interrogations bemuses me because they’ve conflated him with the idea and seek to, therefore, defeat him, the person, primarily by getting offended.  It’s an odd phenomenon.  

And one that, ironically, Cathy Newman framed best, when she famously and very Britishly said, “Why should your freedom of speech trump a trans person’s right not to be offended?”  I literally spit my drink when I heard that.  I was in Nick’s truck and I spit my drink all over his dashboard.  Apparently our brains just turn to mush whenever the word “trans” is used as a qualifier in a sentence, so let’s just take that out, shall we?  ‘Why should your freedom of speech trump a person’s right not to be offended?’  A person’s right not to be offended.  Wow.  

So that’s what we’re dealing with, here.  The most offended party wins.  And we all know who that is.  

So yeah, back to our current dumpster fire of cisgender, which frankly I can’t blame trans people for bailing on.  Believe it or not, I also blame the corrupt fiat dollar for this problem.  

When Nick and I first met, he was a retarded conservative and I was a retarded liberal, and we argued about a lot of retarded shit.  He said something one day that was like “women in the workforce instead of home raising families xyz” and I was surprised him — I know I surprised him, I could see it in his face — I said, “I have always wished I could stay home and cook and stuff.  It just hasn’t been possible.”  He was like, whaaaaa?  I’m a twelve year Armed Forces veteran; I’m a 20-year commercial truck driving veteran; I’ve worked in medical critical care, academia, the private sector, I’ve been the director of a trade school campus, a regional recognized marksman on the M-60 machine gun, a nationally-recognized writer, and I have a BA, an MA, and an album of original music on Spotify.  People are always like ‘goddamn you’ve done everything!’  And I’m like, honestly you have no idea how much I just wanted to stay home and cook.  Nick came from richer folk than me so his dad worked and his mom raised the kids.  Which is ironically exactly how my parents did it, too — they just had to move to the cheapest place on earth, the Navajo reservation, to make it work on my dad’s income as a high school math teacher.  And that was back in the 80’s and 90’s.  

These days?  I’m sorry, but it takes two incomes and that’s barely enough.  So I’ve never really been a fan of supposed Conservatives with their supposed conservative, nuclear family values, if we can’t slap together some kind of system where one income can comfortably pay the bills, and then the parents can work out who wants to stay home.  It’s a moot fucking point.  Instead, we have a system where our dollar loses value everyday, we’re taxed like 30 fucking times on that dollar, coming in and going out and sitting still, we’ve got hyperinflation of higher education, cost of living, medical expenses.  I mean, there’s a lot of reasons I haven’t procreated, the most significant being historic lack of the right male specimen, but on top of that I haven’t been able to afford it.  I don’t know how people are making it, and in a lot of ways, they’re not.  

So I don’t wanna hear shit from anyone about what women should do or can do or want to do, when we’re doing what we absolutely have to do, which is work from dawn to dusk just like every other motherfucker.  

So is it a win for our nation to have harnessed one of its greatest previously-unharnessed resources, women, in the workforce adding our two cents?  Of course.  Is it a win that we’ve economically severed women from being able to function primarily as wives and mothers if that’s what we want?  NO.  Not a win.  

So yeah.  Everyone’s just mad — women are mad at how spread-thin we are, men are mad that there isn’t anything sacred for them anymore, and trans people are like “Imma head out”. 

To me, it would be really nice if kids had two representations of functioning gender as, at least, a starting point, before it even occurs to them to speculate.  

I had a boss at a job where I managed a campus and everything at my campus was wrong, because I’d inherited it that way.  I mean, it was basically on fire before I even took the job, and looking back I can’t believe I took that job.  Anyway, my boss said, “Money makes everything work better.”  It was frustrating to hear because I’d been able to fix training to a large degree, but not sales.  I could not find a rep that was worth a shit, and so we had no money.  Slowly over time things got better, and the campus had some good months, and more money was injected, and it helped a lot.  Money makes everything work better.  It’s tough to fix problems when you’re going broke.  

So this brings me back to Bitcoin, and today’s all time high.  This whole world is one big truck school campus, and an injection of wealth into people’s pockets is truly the path of least resistance from where we’re at to where we need to go — ALL of us.  Not just the conservatives, not just the liberals, not just the family values people, not just the alphabet soups, not just the white people, not just the black people (have you noticed the natives are always like, helloooooo we got fucked harder than anyone, just hanging out on our reservations not rioting FYI!) — everyone.  There is not a single person on this earth who I don’t wish increased abundance on, if they’ll use it to advance their interests and leave me the eff alone.  

Which is why, at the end of the blog, I guess I’m more conservative than liberal.  

Anyway, that’s a day in the life of my moral compass.  How’s yours?                                                                      

2 thoughts on “Party Lines and End Times

  1. I don’t know how I stumbled here but enjoyed your post

    Funny that free market conservatives just want the government to stop taking their money so everyone will have more, but the “conservative” party only gives tax breaks to the rich and the free market system itself leads to the concentration of wealth in the hands of the few and causes the hyperinflation that you’re complaining about. Meanwhile the “liberal” political party shoots down any policy that actually puts more money in the hands of the people as some extreme leftist conspiracy. Apparently the only acceptable form of socialism is handouts for the rich.

    This is what happens when the corporate controlled media convince everyone their political ideology is defined by their stance on race/abortion/lgbt/vaccination debates. Just keep hating the other side and voting for the candidate who identifies as on your team, no need to discuss boring things like monetary policy or taxation

    1. Yeah, I never understood why ppl were so offended that Trump tried to run things like a business with a P&L that needed to be angling towards the green at least. Otherwise, if we’re just gonna be one big MVD, who’s gonna subsidize our entire country?? I mean besides China lol.

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