You’re Not Fat, You’re Under-Muscled

It’s pissing down rain; has been all night.  I can’t see anything yet but the velocity of splattering sky water is very high.  It’s a “cool” morning, for here, meaning I can feel a little something besides room temperature against my skin.   I keep forgetting to mention the geckos, like in the Geico commercials?  … Continue reading You’re Not Fat, You’re Under-Muscled

A Streetcar Named Mild Hypoxia

I’ve really been enjoying Mr. John Ward’s blog, “The Slog”, shared with me by my black-pilled reader and fellow blogger BoomerX, and it suddenly occurred to me last night while reading Labour — J’accuse!: how have they accomplished this same ideological coup, in the UK and everywhere else for that matter, without benefit of Trump … Continue reading A Streetcar Named Mild Hypoxia

Stalingrad Trivia Night

Welp, a day or two ago Sidney Powell recommended all these states and counties think very carefully before they certify their election results, as they’ll essentially be certifying their own fraud in the face of the biggest impending criminal investigation in the nation’s history.  Fair warning.  I found it interesting when Wayne County Michigan went … Continue reading Stalingrad Trivia Night

NESARA and the Zucchini Republic

I’m glad I brought my Walmart sweatpants to Hawaii — it’s easily several degrees below 80, before sunrise.   So, yesterday’s exploration of the Executive Order signed September 2018, green-lighting the seizure of wealth and assets of all entities involved in election fraud involving foreign interference, made me realize something: all this time, I should … Continue reading NESARA and the Zucchini Republic